Watermark, Blind Pig Lose Chefs



Bites has gotten word and confirmation that Watermark chef James Lohse and Blind Pig No. 55 chef Joe Shaw are gone from their respective restaurants.

Both Watermark, on 12th Avenue in the Gulch, and Blind Pig, also on 12th Avenue in the 12South district, are part of Hospitality Development Group, which also operates Fish & Co. at 1922 Adelicia Street.

Hospitality Development Group proprietor Jerry Brown said of of Lohse's departure, "we felt it was in our best interest to go in a different direction."

Of Shaw's parting ways with Blind Pig, Brown says Shaw was working in more of a management position. "We mutually agreed that he was looking for something more along the lines of his culinary interests as a chef."

Chef Louis Osteen remains at Fish & Co.

Chef du cuisine Rory Baatz will be in charge of the kitchen at Watermark.

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