Weekly Open Thread Wants a Bag of Kit Kats for Halloween



HT for the idea, extremepumpkins.com
  • HT for the idea, extremepumpkins.com

Got a little carried away by pumpkin enthusiasm and carved it on Oct. 15 (photo at right). With the warm weather, it became a mold-spore factory by Oct. 25, so we had to carve another. Which is how we discovered that Harris-Teeter has pumpkins for $6.99, rather than $20 at a roadside stand.

Holiday-wise, though, I've moved on, and we're testing turkey recipes — this week's was a brined, rubbed and smoke-roasted turkey recipe from the pages of Saveur. Complete success — crisp, bronze, smoky skin and juicy meat.

Also this week, Bites got word that the Uncle Bud's Catfish, across from Martin's Barbecue in Nolensville is really good, which wasn't our memory of Uncle Bud's. Can anyone here confirm or deny this impression?

And you? Did you shop the Farmers Market on its debut night last week (best.idea.ever). Are you going to the Haunted Loft Halloween party in the Gulch? And will you then drop by the new Gulch location of the Turnip Truck?

Come on, have a candy corn and tell the open thread what's in your Halloween candy bowl.

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