Bravo Gelato, You Are So Adventurous




Hey, I won a Twitter contest! And the prize was a pint of Bravo Gelato's experimental corn, chipotle and lime gelato.

I love that BG is nimble enough to try small batches of experimental flavors. Just a couple of days ago, they asked Twitter followers what flavors would be good for a test-batch. I love how closely BG communicates with its customers. And their gelato flavors are mostly beyond deliciousness itself.

So I felt like I'd won the lottery when I picked up my corn, chipotle and lime. It's got that velvety BG texture, and it has a mild corn taste, with the surprise of pulverized corn hulls for another layer of texture. It was mild and mellow, tasting like a cross between eggnog and coconut. Of course we ate it all, though it wasn't the knockout I expected.

I was trying to think who would seek out this flavor. It's a fun surprise that would be good for someone wanting to shock a friend. It has vegetables where you don't expect them, so it'd be good for little kids. It would be the perfect ending to a late-summer corn dinner.

But the flavor-cravers who haunt BG and similar specialty places — they would expect more lime, and maybe a touch more chile. When next year's corn crop comes around, I hope a retooled corn, lime and chipotle gelato makes an appearance.


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