I Can Haz Firehouse Burger?



Pawbowskys Firehouse Burger
  • Pawbowsky's Firehouse Burger

At home, my most favored burger is a strange combination of hot and sweet: wasabi mayo, Dijon mustard, ketchup and a homemade bread-and-butter relish. Every bite is a wild flavor ride.

I discovered another really good one at Pawbowsky's Dog House in Murfreesboro. I checked out a flyer on Pawbowsky's Firehouse Burger. The proprietor was worried about the potential effects. "You'll have heartburn for hours."

Since a cast-iron stomach is practically a job requirement, I brushed his doubts aside and ordered it. Burger, onions, cheese, sport peppers — it was great. Just hot enough, with a little vinegar tang as a foil for the juicy meat, giardiniera, just a few bits of onion, mellowed out by cheese.

So now I'm all Guy Fieri about finding new burger combinations. What's your burger flavor profile, and where do you go to get it?

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