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Thai for breakfast?
  • Thai for breakfast?
I was at a Thai restaurant with some friends once, and we ordered too much food. (Imagine!) We were hiking in the mountains the next day, so packing it up seemed pointless. That's when Aster spoke up and said, "Actually, I'll take it. I'm not big on breakfast food, and I really prefer stuff like this in the morning."

Aster's in good company: Just Google (or Bing) "hate breakfast food" to see how unpopular eggs, waffles and cereal are with some people.

Years ago, I wrote an article in the Scene questioning whether breakfast really is that important. I interviewed people who don't like breakfast and nutritionists who insisted it is the best way to start the day. I pored over studies, all of them funded by the breakfast cereal companies; I never did find any research on breakfast that wasn't funded by a cereal company. I reached the conclusion that people who aren't hungry and don't see a dip in their performance should feel free to skip breakfast.

Ten years later, the research in support of breakfast seems to be piling up. Even I started eating something in the morning, but it's almost never breakfast-y food. says that's OK.

No one says you have to start your day with eggs or cereal. Look to breakfast options around the world for some fresh ideas. In some parts of India, a popular breakfast includes a spicy yogurt and rice dish. Noodles and soup are common in other parts of Asia ... a good breakfast has complex carbohydrates, protein and fruits or vegetables. "Breakfast could be a half sandwich and some orange juice; leftover pizza and fruit; or last night's dinner. Just eat."

So is it the most important meal of the day to you? Are you homicidal if you don't eat? And will leftover pizza or pad thai satisfy better than an omelet?

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