A Note to Church's Customer Service



A Bites reader, who we will call Madison, sent a description of an unacceptable experience she had at Church's on a visit to try the new hot chicken — the same hot chicken that Chris Chamberlain seemed to find reasonably acceptable. The reader was served regular chicken rather than hot chicken, and it took nearly 15 minutes to arrive, was improperly cooked, etc.

Madison called Church's customer service, and they sent an apologetic note offering a replacement meal.

But look at the offer. It's for only what you ordered plus dessert, the offer lasts just 90 days, and you must return to the original store, which presumably has quality issues. And you have to present the letter to the manager.

Why? So he can direct the staff to spit on the food of the person who ratted him out to the regional office?

Madison says things have to be pretty wrong before s/he will go to the trouble of contacting customer service. I think a lot of people don't complain because it's time-consuming, and they feel bad about getting people into trouble. And of those who do complain, even fewer will be willing to confront the manager with the very letter that probably went into his personnel file.

Why not just send a coupon? Can someone explain?


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