The Open Thread Wants You to Open a Restaurant!




If there were a magic formula for restaurant success, everyone would be opening one. And reviewing restaurants would be more predictive than reactive.

A taste for great food seems like a requisite for running a successful restaurant, but it's way behind other factors, such as business management, marketing skills, being a people-person, and diplomacy. Restaurant consultant James Sinclair of Onsite Consulting confirmed this in a checklist that he shared with Newsweek magazine.

On it are including important-but-eye-glazing tips like "Have a business plan," along with more interesting points like "Plan for inventory control" and "Be clear on cuisine." That last one we especially see here. How often have we complained on Bites about places that change their cuisine (*cough*Miro District*cough*)? Or places that open up near another, similar place?

It's all so much more complicated than the "You should open a restaurant!" urge. Still, you should. Open a restaurant, that is. The last five years have seen a proliferation of absolutely terrific places in Nashville. I can't recall another period like it.

If you were to open a place, what would it be? Bites' Weekly Open Thread is the place for dreamy dreams, open secrets and grumpy rambling.

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