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I have an unfortunate track record of not discovering things until right before they go away. In high school, I had just encountered the 91 Blues show on WRVU and become enchanted with Muddy Waters when I asked the learned audiophile father of a friend of mine if he had any new albums by the Mud Man. He told me no, and filled me in on the fact that Muddy had just died the previous month. I was lucky enough to see Stevie Ray Vaughan play live five or six times during the 80s, but when I heard he was coming to Starwood in 1990, I figured "Hell, Stevie's finally kicked heroin. He'll live forever now." Yet, Wang Chung lives on to tour still today.

So here I am to tell you about a website that has run its course and ceased to publish: Waffeizer. However, its history of 30 entertaining segments lives on, giving latecomers a chance to enjoy. Waffleizer.com was started with a simple purpose: to answer the question "Will it waffle?" Like a culinary version of a David Letterman skit, the geniuses behind Waffleizer.com sought to expand the frontiers of waffling by putting almost anything imaginable on the sizzling waffle iron.

With varying degrees of success, they tried to waffle 30 different food items, from doughnuts to cupcakes, pizza, hash browns, and regrettably, squid salad. With top-notch food photography to demonstrate their results, Waffleizer.com is one of those ideas you wish you'd had, and more importantly wish you'd figured out a way to make money off of.

I don't know if they did actually make any scratch off their efforts, but it makes for a fun read. Now that they've finished their run with a successful attempt at waffling macaroni and cheese, the folks behind Waffleizer were smart enough to enjoy their walkoff home run rather than try to extend their life span beyond their initial 30 items by putting, say, frozen yogurt on a waffle iron. More people should have that sort of foresight to realize when their time is up.

I'm looking at you, Al Davis.

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