Fun and Games The Kids Are Into These Days — Plus Candy!



We bought a fun app for the iPod Touch, called simply and accurately, FatApp. Take a photo, do a little tinkering, and the subject suddenly gains a couple hundred pounds. Get an idea of what it can do with these images of some guys you may have heard of.

We took our camera phone to a great wedding last weekend, one of those wonderful affairs that mixed fun, music, good location, good food, and surprises, like a 10-foot candy bar (as in a bar serving up candy) some 110 pounds of multicolored, but color-coordinated, fruit-flavored, sucrosey bliss that was beautiful to behold.

Who doesn't like candy? There was something for everyone, from malted milk balls and watermelon gumdrops to super-size marshmallows, fruit-flavored taffy and super-sour strips.

The kids' pockets were bulging, and when you grabbed their sticky hands to dance, you worried you might not come unstuck. Even adults went back to the table for discreet handfuls.

We took the camera around taking and making Fat Pictures. Like this one of our uncle. Both innovations, I think, moved the modern wedding forward.


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