Livin' La Vida Okra: How Do You Fry Fresh Okra?



I suppose I could look this information up on the web — but who knows what kind of crackpot raving you're going to find there? No, this requires the unimpeachable knowledge of the Bites brigade to settle a Matter of Grave Culinary Importance.

It's about okra.

Last week at the Woodbine Farmer's Market, a surprise monsoon sidelined all but two vendors, one being Delvin Farms. To thank them for braving the elements, I bought a pound and a half of okra, planning to fry it up in some cornmeal and bacon grease once I got home. Then it hit me: I've never fixed fried okra with fresh okra. I've always used a freezer bag and counted on the thawed slime to hold the breading.

So here are my questions:

1) Am I safe in cutting up the okra tonight, or should I wait and cut it right before use tomorrow?

2) If I cut it tonight, should I soak it in water?

3) Does it cook roughly the same amount of time?

4) Can you use buttermilk alone instead of egg-dip breading?

Any secret tips, recipe variations, etc. would be welcome. I bow to your expertise.

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