Wine Wednesday: Why Just Be a Locavore When You Can Drink Locally Too?



Lots of diners are striving to eat as much locally sourced food as possible, but when it comes to wine this can sometimes be problematic. Unless you're particularly fond of Muscadine (that's a non-glamorous grape that grows better here than traditional European wine grapes). Luckily, Margot Cafe is adding a new local wine section to their wine list starting this week featuring three wines from Chateau Ross in Springfield.

Chef Margot McCormack and her co-owner, Jay Frein, have demonstrated a continual commitment to their seasonal, farm to table menu that everyone knows and loves, so it's totally appropriate that they extend that attitude to their wine list. Frein has put together a thoughtful and creative wine list, and these wines should fit right in and not disappoint.

I haven't had a chance to see the new menu yet, but the wines I've tasted through Chateau Ross are nuanced and very representative of the varietals used. They are the ultimate representation of Tennessee terroir. Check out the Chateau Ross site and you'll see the varietals they use, including locally grown Zinfandel and Merlot.

If you want to be a "greener" wine drinker yourself, you might want to check out the new cork recycling program at J. Barleycorn. Simply toss your used corks in the two large barrels at the front of the store. Then they will be picked up by the folks at Ionia Atlantic Imports, who import some lovely Italian wines that are distributed locally by OMNI beverages. Ionia will then take them to St. Louis, where a local cork recycler will makes cork floors out of them which you can pay a whole lot of money to put down in your remodeled kitchen.

At least you can feel better about your carbon footprint.

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