We All Scream for FREE GELATO



Did you know that July was National Ice Cream Month? I know, nice of me to tell you now when the month is almost over. But our friends at Bravo Gelato have saved the best for last. In honor of National Gelato Month, as they have chosen to declare it, Noel Glasgow and his cohorts want to say thanks to all of their loyal customers

They are going to give away free gelato noon to 3 p.m. this Saturday, July 31, at their Village Green location in Green Hills. You read that right. I said free.

They plan to focus on local flavors, like a few different Olive and Sinclair chocolates, peanut butter with local honey, Jack Daniel's with honey, Banana Yazoo Hefeweizen, and a few Southern flavors like apple pie, banana pudding and key lime pie, plus good fresh fruit sorbet made with local berries.

If you're a longtime fan, drop by and pick up your reward for your loyalty. If you haven't given Bravo Gelato a try yet, stop in for a free sample of their wares. About the only Italian I still remember from my Rick Steves' guide to Florence a couple of summers ago is how to ask for a free sample of gelato or granita, "Un assaggio, per favore?" Feel free to try some Italian on them. At least you'll sound sexy.

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