Nashville Farmers' Market Says Indoor Market Will Reopen in Early August


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The Market House at the Nashville Farmers Market (shown with its new tomato-shaped bike racks)
  • The Market House at the Nashville Farmers' Market (shown with its new tomato-shaped bike racks)
We got a reassuring report from Jolie Yockey at the Nashville Farmers' Market, finally setting a date for the reopening of the flood-damaged Market House and announcing a new twice-weekly produce auction. From today's release:

We are finally confident in saying that the reopening of the Market House restaurants and shops (along with restrooms and water fountains — yay!) will definitely be happening in early August. We'll do a soft opening to work out kinks and give our merchants time to restock, retrain, and put on finishing touches and then a larger-scale re-grand-opening week of festivities after the middle of the month.

How can you help? Every time you spend $ with a merchant at the Market you are helping — so shop on, wonderful people! We'll keep you posted about other opportunities as things develop and this is exciting news!

We also are home to a soft opening of the new Produce Auction. On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 a.m. in the flea market sheds, join auctioneer Anthony Cherry to bid on volume quantities of local produce. Great for small groceries and stores, churches, nonprofits, event purchases and more. Visit for more info. Grand opening on July 22.

We at Bites can't wait for the return of the Market House. Keep an eye on the Farmers' Market website, where you can also sign up for their informative email newsletter.


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