New Bagel Bakery Opening Soon in East Nashville



Bagels aren't currently fashionable, but when done right, they sure are good. Carbohydrate phobia has put the delightful rings of dough definitely on the "out" list, and when people do eat carbs, they tend to want them in a festively sugary format. (Looking at you, cupcakes.)

In fact, it's been years since a brand-new bagel place opened in Nashville, so it's exciting to hear that a young entrepreneur is opening up shop making artisan bagels.

Bagelface Bakery has been around for a few months, and now owner-baker Kristen Skrube is poised to open a retail/wholesale store in the Riverside Village area of East Nashville. Skrube is possibly best-known as one of the founders of Taco Party (the mini-Mexican joint within Springwater). She grew up here but has spent time in Wisconsin and New York City and noticed that our fair city hasn't had much of a bagel boom in a while. "It just seemed like something Nashville needed," she says.

With a background in both chemistry and food service, Skrube says she's learned what it takes to make a delicious bagel. One key is a "cold, slow ferment." Letting the dough and yeast interact for 12 hours allows the flavor to come out, she says. It also lowers the PH, which gives the bagels a longer shelf life without preservatives. The bagels are hand-rolled, boiled, then baked in the authentic method.

Skrube is launching a storefront at 1404-D McGavock Pike, in the Riverside Village commercial complex, next to Olive & Sinclair chocolatiers and beneath Castrillo's Pizza. She hopes to open sometime next week.

Customers will be able to buy bagels by the dozen and half-dozen, and she also plans to sell a few spreads like cream cheese (of course) and peanut, pumpkin or apple butters. The location is zoned as a store, not a cafe, so you'll want to take your bagels home or sit in the Riverside Village courtyard to nosh.

At first, bagel varieties will be fairly straightforward: plain, onion, cinnamon-raisin, etc. (Eventually she wants to add something more exotic like pumpernickel onion-raisin, but pumpernickel is a bit more complicated.) I'm a pumpernickel aficionado, so I'm rooting for it to arrive soon.

For more info, visit or call Skrube at 495-1418

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