Macke's Chef Entertains With His Blog 'Elevated Southern'




Toby Willis is the executive chef at Macke’s Fine Dining and Wine Bar, an upscale Southern bistro located on the second floor of Grace's Plaza in Green Hills. A native of Cleveland, Tenn., and a graduate of the University of the South, Chef Willis brings a casual elegance to his cooking which he claims is inspired by memories of his mother and grandmother's creations during his youth.

He also writes eloquently of his life as a restaurateur at his entertaining personal blog Elevated Southern. A consistent favorite in my feed reader, I enjoy following along with the chef as he describes his experiences in the kitchen, opulent catering gigs and his always enjoyable accounts of his adventures on his rare days off.

A recent post even shared a preview of a rough draft of his upcoming summer menu at Macke's. Elevated Southern is a fascinating look behind the swinging doors to the kitchen and into the creative mind of a chef. Without stooping to the brash trash of a Kitchen Confidential, Chef Willis invites you into his world. Add him to your blogroll and join him for the ride.

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