Sopapilla's Shrimp, You're So Vein



It turns out that a love of beets is not the only culinary opinion that Dwight K. Schrute and I share. The mustard-clad bureaucrat and I also share an objection to eating shrimp that have not been deveined.

"You know that line on top of the shrimp? That’s feces," the sage of The Office points out, with the enviable bluntness bred from life on a Scranton-area root farm.

That's what I wanted to say the other day when dining at Sopapilla's, the subject of this week's dining review. While I enjoyed the fresh bounty of jicama, shrimp, walnuts and goat cheese that adorned the chipotle honey shrimp salad, I wished the shrimp had been cleaned.

Sopapilla's is far from the only eatery that overlooks the pasty gray filament of crap in its shellfish. As perfect as La Hacienda's shrimp soup is, it would be even better if the shrimp didn't still have their guts. If I think too hard about it, I feel like I'm flossing with a very tiny intestine.

I haven't done an exhaustive count, by any means, but I'm guessing that deveined shrimp are the exception rather than the rule in these parts. I know, I know, life is short and deveining shrimp is tedious. But I can't help siding with the Beetmaster on this one: Shrimp poop = yuck.

Actually, I don't mean to put words into Dwight's mouth. After all, he simply said, "That's feces." He didn't say whether that's a bad thing. You never know with DKS.

How about you? Do you care whether your shrimp are deveined?

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