Weekly Open Thread Likes Kimchi and Ice Cream



But not in the same bowl. Probably.

Steve Haruch's First Bite visit to Uh Wool Lim in Antioch had Bites Nation debating the relative merits of all the Korean restaurants in town. Meanwhile a big scoop of frozen dessert news (Hot & Cold and Sweet CeCe's will compete in Hillsboro Village; Pied Piper Creamery is planning a second location in Berry Hill) had opinions swirling. (See posts below.)

Ultra-premium artisan coffee on Trousdale? So it is written. Let it be so. Finally, we were thrilled to see savvy Nashville chef Arnold Myint step into the spotlight in the second episode of Top Chef. Go Team Arnold!

Any thoughts, sour as a pickle or sweet as a sundae, you want to share with Bites in this first week of summer?

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