Sweet Tea and Cookbooks



They say that writing about music is like dancing about architecture, but what about singing about food?

Local writer Bryan Curtis and radio personality Devon O'Day are collaborating on an upcoming cookbook titled My Southern Foods. You may recognize Bryan's name from the How to Be a Gentleman series of books that he co-wrote with John Bridges for Brooks Brothers, along with many other projects. Devon is probably best known as one of Gerry House's sidekicks and from her gig as the host of Country Hitmakers on 100-plus radio stations across the country.

Their book is not due out until this fall, but is available for preorder on Amazon. The book promises to take you on a beautifully illustrated journey through Southern (with a capital "s") favorite dishes. It will include over 200 recipes with chapter headings like: "Sunday Dinner and Other Family Gatherings"; "Breakfast in the South"; "Treasures from the Southern Garden"; "Summer Celebrations"; "What Every Southern Lady Knows"; "Cooking for Company"; "Glorious Southern Desserts"; and "Eating Out Southern Style."

In a unique promotion, Devon has recruited a songwriter friend named Kim McLean to write an ode to the house wine of the South, titled "Sweet Tea." I fully expected the accompanying YouTube video to be kinda cheesy, but danged if some of the food images didn't get my stomach to growling and the song got my soul tapping.

I must be getting soft in my old age. Check it out for yourself after the break:

Bryan is producing two other cookbook projects coming out later this year that he has collaborated on, but I can't promise they'll have a hook as good as "Sweet Tea." If you're interested, check them out here and here.

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