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Seems a move to a new building was entirely sucky for a certain worker named Matt, except for one thing: the sweet vending machine.

Seattle blogger Matt Baldwin was stoked about it, as he writes in the first entry on

"KitKat Crisp? Famous Amos Cookies? Beef Jerky?! HAVE I DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN OR AT LEAST PURGATORY WHICH AS I UNDERSTAND IT IS ESSENTIALLY HEAVEN’S RECEPTION AREA AND WOULD THEREFORE BE MORE LIKELY TO HAVE SUN CHIPS FOR SALE?! My reaction to the machine was not unlike that of the apes to the monolith in 2001: fear, followed by awe, followed by tentative touching, followed by the the braining of a boar via femur."

The enchanted Matt vowed to eat and review every item from the vending machine ("Iam going to consume and review every item in my office vending machine and there is nothing you can do to stop me"). Hey, it's not an impossible dream: One commenter called his local machine "a good machine with lots of range and depth."

Still, there's stuff in there that might make you hesitate. Tuna salad kit. Gum. Whatever it is, on a blog like Matt's, the writing is the point, and I find myself checking in often for his take on, say, the cashews, which happened to be roasted in peanut oil.

"If you’re a nut and you have to be roasted in the oil of another nut just to get eaten, do us all a favor and go extinct."

Yeah, the cashew lovers got all bowed up about that. As always, the comments are almost as good as the post.

Clif bar, cup noodles, Pop Tarts — the blog's just a few weeks along, plenty of heaven, or perhaps purgatory, left.


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