TomKats Launches Restaurant at Mandrell's Former Mansion


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In my Food Biz column this week in the Nashville Post section of The City Paper, I write about how the refurbished Fontanel, the 27,000-square-foot "log home" that formerly housed Barbara Mandrell, reopens this week as a country music attraction — with a new restaurant on the grounds created by Tom Morales' company TomKats (Loveless Cafe, Saffire, TomKats Movie Catering). The president of TomKats, Jesse Goldstein, says the new restaurant has a mandate to use fresh product from local farms. The chef is Dustin Pritchett, formerly of Sunset Grill, who is charged with developing a menu to turn all that nice produce into Southern comfort food to please tourists and locals alike.

Meanwhile, I'm hearing rumors that TomKats is also developing another restaurant, this time downtown. Oysters may be involved. But Goldstein clams up on that subject. Has anyone in the Bites community heard anything on the street about this one?


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