Playing Chicken: Time to Prep for Fiery Poultry Fest



Time again to perfect your hot chicken recipe and throw your wing in the ring to be one of six amateur contestants in the fourth annual Hot Chicken Festival Amateur Cooking Competition, coming up July 4 at East Park, 700 Woodland St.

To register, just send an e-mail to Include your name/team name, primary contact information and up to two paragraphs explaining why you should be selected to strut your hot stuff at the festival. Points for creativity and knowledge of hot chicken.

Come Independence Day, those lucky six cooks will prep four pieces of bone-in chicken breast with their own recipe and submit them for judging. Finest fowl get the Hot Chicken Trophy for that prized spot on the mantle. Get more information at

(And new this year, we hear there's going to be a special gala the night before the festival, titled the Fowl Ball.)

Sponsors of this year's event include Scene bed partner The City Paper, Yazoo Brewery, Corsair (thank you, beverage companies), Watkins College of Art, Design & Film, AT&T, Clear Channel (thank you, communications companies) Piedmont Natural Gas, NES (thank you, energy companies), The Village Fund, Nashville First Church of the Nazarene (thank you, Lord) and Free at Last Bail Bonding. Bail Bonding? What kind of party is this?

If it's like the three previous festivals, probably a good one.


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