It's True: Hot Kabobs is Closed



Porta Via was busy last Tuesday night, with guests willing to wait 20 minutes for a table. It was worth the wait for the finely made pizzas, pastas and sandwiches — not to mention that extraordinary and enormous rosemary-and-garlic-scented $29 T-bone steak.

Alas, the crowd also explains why Porta Via co-owner Mehrdad Alviri chose to shutter Hot Kabobs, his Persian eatery further west on White Bridge Road. Alviri confirmed the news, saying he was putting his effort into Porta Via.

Looking at the crowds — and the average dinner tab — at Porta Via, it's impossible to disagree with Alviri's decision. But as a Hot Kabobs regular, it pains me to see the last of the eggplant koresht, crispy rice tahdig and the succulent little lamb chops on the west side of Nashville.

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