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Our friends at Tennessee History for Kids reminded Bites via email that our state punches above its weight in food connections. Chattanooga, in Hamilton County,begat the Moon Pie and Krystal restaurants. And while Coca-Cola was invented at a drugstore in Atlanta, two Chattanooga businessmen made Coke widely available by launching the sale of bottling rights. That's three of your four Southern food groups right there.

If Cokes aren't your beverage, there's also bottled water from Red Boiling Springs in Macon County. And sweet potatoes, another Southern staple, are celebrated in Tater Town (Gleason, Tenn.) in Weakley County.

Dessert is Blowpops, the gum-inside-a-lollipop, produced in Tipton County. There's a punchline here somewhere.

The Tennessee History for Kids site is good fun for kids and possibly even more interesting for curious grown-ups. If you have a student or are a teacher, stay at the site a while and poke around — it's a gold mine of information.


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