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Bites is all about sharing information, and we want to tell you something that isn't making news right now, but it's one of those stories you wish someone had told you.

You know those 1,000 new body scanners being installed in some airports? Those ones that are like weak X-ray machines? Well, I am going to tell you something that no one else will tell you, because there are agendas out the wazoo all the way around, and I have none. Those TSA agents monitoring them — and let's just take a moment to acknowledge they aren't anatomists and physicians — can see everything. EEEEvvvvverythiiiing.

Like, not just your nipples, but whether they're perky. Not just penises, but whether they're circumcised or especially small.

Don't believe me? It happened to this guy, and he went postal.

Come clean: What do you know that Bites doesn't, and should?

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