Nashville Restaurants Help Out Others and Each Other


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  • Chuck Bryant
In the aftermath of the Great Aquacalypse of 2010, restaurants all over town have been helping out to feed volunteers and displaced families. Without being asked, chefs are coming in early to whip up hundreds of lunches and distributing them to people in need in Middle Tennessee. Yazoo Brewery filled their tanks with H2O before the first water treatment plant went down in case they need to help distribute water to Nashville residents. Even water from the Yazoo tanks still has to taste better than Miller Lite.

In an effort to conserve water, Bravo Gelato is not making any new batches, but they have been offering to deliver their inventory to volunteer groups around town.

Other establishments are contributing portions of their revenue this week to relief funds, and you can certainly expect these efforts to become more organized and widespread as specific needs are identified. Recognizing that many of our favorite restaurants are either without power or still cleaning out the mud after being sub-Cumberland for a while, Flyte World Dining and Wine has come up with a unique way to help out their fellow restaurants. In addition to directly donating meals to Animal Care and Control volunteers, the good people at Flyte are inviting diners to join them for a meal. If your other favorite restaurant is closed or if you just can't get there for some reason, tell your server at Flyte and they will send a check for 15% of your bill to their "competition."

There really is no "competition" in times like these. It really makes me proud to be associated with the restaurant industry in Nashville and proud of the whole damn town in general. To quote the amazing young ladies at who have kept many of us on top of the news through these trying times, "The world is finally watching us. We got this." Indeed.


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