Tayst to Close ... for a Facelift



Scared you there for a minute, didn't I?

The staff at neighborhood favorite tayst, at 2100 21st Ave. S., is taking a brief sabbatical to rework the decor a little bit. Chef Jeremy Barlow wouldn't give all the details of the anticipated changes but did hint that the high chairs that left short people's feet hanging off the ground were probably on their last (overly tall) legs. The dining area will also be reconfigured to create more usable space, and expect a new coat of paint that might replace the bordello red that surrounded diners for the past six years.

To prepare loyalists for the brief interregnum between the old tayst and the new, Chef Barlow is throwing a "Last Supper" on May 28, and he's inviting you to help plan the menu. Visit tayst's Facebook page or email him at tayst@comcast.net to suggest your favorite dishes from meals gone by. Jeremy will compile a list of his greatest hits and make them available for dinner that night to help tide us over while we wait for the grand reopening. Hopefully it won't be more than a week or two.

I hope he has faster contractors than some places I know of. In related news, Burger Up and Kayne Prime Steak House are opening someday. No, really ...

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