Earth Day Blooms with CSAs



At the pretty wonderful Earth Day celebration in Centennial Park, I picked up community-supported agriculture forms from a couple of farms, because now is the time to sign up for the weekly batches of locally grown produce a CSA provides.

I like all the different ways that CSAs distinguish themselves. Eco-Gardens ( has Hendersonville pickups as well as Crieve Hall and Belmont and discusses its farming methods in a lot of detail in its weekly newsletters. The late, lamented Sylvanus Farms included recipes for some of the less familiar foods, and for using the sometimes-astounding amounts of seasonal produce. Real Food Farms ( supplies local restaurants as well as individuals and offers seven pickup locations.

Speaking of which, Delvin Farms, the CSA powerhouse, has added a pickup point at the West Nashville Farmers' Market. And while we're on the topic, the West Nashville market begins its regular Saturday operations in May, as does the Wednesday farmers' market in East Nashville at the Free Will Baptist Church at 10th and Russell. Buying at the markets is a good alternative to a CSA if you just can't commit to all those vegetables each week.

How do you buy produce: supermarket, CSA, roadside stand, farmers' market or home garden, or a combination?


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