Deep Fried Pickle Excursions to Rotier's, Crow's Nest



Fried pickle spears with remoulade from Rotiers
  • Fried pickle spears with remoulade from Rotiers
In the pantheon of fryable foods and trendy men items, fried pickles seemed like a flash in the pan, if you will join me in luxuriating in that pun. But really, if I'd had to guess which of the Seventies fern bar starters would experience a resurgence, that wouldn't have been my pick.

Fried dill pickle chips from Crows Nest
  • Fried dill pickle chips from Crow's Nest
Enough people seem to like that combination of tart and greasy to keep it on at least two menus in town: Rotier's and Crow's Nest.

The fried pickles at Rotiers are spears in batter, served with a tart remoulade, while the Crow's Nest version are dill pickle chips served in a basket like fries.

We got ours with ranch dressing, but they were plenty moreish on their own, and so easy to pop into the mouth and eat. And eat and eat. The secret isn't that they're such a gourmet treat, but that they're great with beer and you wouldn't try making them at home.

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