La Hacienda, Second Bite: Rising Like the Phoenix Edition


Tortillas as big as your head!
  • Tortillas as big as your head!

After months of anxiously waiting for the owners of La Hacienda to reopen after their recent kitchen fire, fans are finally able to frequent their favorite Mexican restaurant. We dropped in about a week after they reopened and can say that La Hac didn't lose any of their mojo in the fire.

On the contrary, the spotless new kitchen was rapidly sending out entrees to a hungry full house and everything we saw go by our table looked very appetizing. They are paying special attention to the little touches which I don't remember necessarily being their forté before the fire. Creamy guacamole had a pleasantly surprising texture contrast with the addition of crisp strips of avocado mixed in like the greatest Maggie Moo's concoction ever. The shrimp in my fajita quesadilla were cooked perfectly with a taste of the grill that didn't overpower the flavor of the seafood. Vegetables in the cheesy veggie quesadilla were crisp and fresh.

They're definitely back on their game at La Hacienda. My only quibble was about the flimsy flatware offered to us. It was actually flat, which made eating all that great food sort of difficult. I'd have been better off with chopsticks. So bring your own fork and head over to La Hacienda soon. As always, feel free to report back your impressions here at Bite.

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