Comfort Food and Creature Comforts: Hardee's Slanket Giveaway


Not Mr. Pink
  • Not Mr. Pink

In an event that could not possibly be worse timed considering I'm still stuck in meatless Lent and temperatures are finally starting to rise, your friends at Hardee's want to give some lucky Bites reader a free Happy Star Slanket. As if Hardee's doesn't occasionally start enough debate here on the site as it is, now we're going to probably stir up the emotions of the rival Slanket vs. Snuggie camps. Never let it be said that we shy away from controversy. ...

They are rolling out a new Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburger. It's comfort food for grown-ups: melted American and Swiss cheeses on grilled sourdough bread, and (since it is Hardee's) the addition of a charbroiled 100 percent Black Angus beef patty and crispy bacon. Hardee's has thoughtfully realized that it's difficult to eat a burger while you have a blanket spread across your chest, so they are offering you a blanket with sleeves. Oh right, a Slanket with sleeves. Or as many logical people call them, robes that you wear backwards. If my doctor doesn't start turning up the thermostat in his office, I'm wearing one at my next visit so he can still have, umm, err ... access.

But wouldn't you look ironically hipster cool wearing a bright yellow Slanket with a smily Hardee's logo on your chest? It has to earn you a few free drinks in your favorite Five Points watering hole. The contest winner will also receive some coupons for free Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburgers. You'll have to buy your own Tide Pen to clean up your chin dribblings.

So here's the deal, leave a comment below stating where you'd be willing to wear your Slanket. We'll draw a commenter at random on April 1 (no Fooling!) and award the prize. And don't think we won't hold you to your promise of where you'll wear it.

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