Coffee Stop an Eye-Opener



In a coffee emergency last week a quick stop was necessary to halt rapid decaffeination.

Picture shot by an overcaffeinated photographer.
  • Picture shot by an overcaffeinated photographer.
The first choice is home-brewed coffee, pressed in a French press. Or, in a leisurely situation, Fido or Crema. In a pinch, Starbucks will have to do, but a glass of water is a must for washing away the burned taste of the coffee. Bread & Company if a meal is involved, Drink Haus when in Germantown. The wonderful Perch when in Brentwood (or in need of fresh crepes.)

At the bottom of the list is office coffee. Industrial sludge made from the lowest grade beans, hacked with dull blades into a rough, utilitarian, workmanlike grind that brews up weak and tepid and with the overtones of the hard water residue. Even in an emergency, it's not coffee that you'd want to resort to.

So on a day with time running short, a quick stop somewhere on the way to work was the only solution. Gas station coffee: there were two choices. Bengal Trader and Daily's. Invoking Carrington's "no left turn" policy, Daily's won out.

As emergency coffees go it could have been worse. It wasn't burned like the coffee at work, and didn't have the dirtlike overtones of cheap coffee. A success but not enough so for an encore. In an emergent situation what is the best alternative for coffee? Is it possibly a non-coffee option?

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