New Blog Hunts Down Nashville Dining Deals



Some people think that food-blogging should be a competitive process where writers scramble to scoop each other on restaurant openings and (sadly) closings. Sure it's always good to be the first to the punch, but there's plenty of room at the buffet table for more local bloggers. Especially when they're sharing information about where to find great dining deals.

Occasional Bites commenter Matthew King and his friend Alex Wendkos have recently started a great site called, ahem, "Eat Me, Nashville." While I'm not sure our benevolent corporate overlords here at the Scene would let me get away with a blog title like that, it really is chock-full of daily specials and menu offerings at restaurants all over town. They are also working at creating a comprehensive happy hour listing which should be helpful as you make your party plans.

I know from experience how much work it is to keep up with the various meal deals and publish on a daily basis. Matthew and Alex seem committed to keeping the site updated and informative. Go ahead and add them to your feed reader or your list of bookmarks and support their efforts.

Keep it up, kids!

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