Hot Update on La Hacienda: Opening Saturday



First we told you that revered Nolensville Road Mexican restaurant La Hacienda would reopen today. Then we told you that inspection delays had postponed the opening to Monday.

Now my excellent colleague Chris Chamberlain has talked again to Carlos Yepez Jr. (who owns the restaurant with his family), and Yepez says they got the green light from the last inspector, so opening day is tomorrow!

I can imagine this is great news for foodies planning their weekend activities. (Talkin' to you, Nicki).

The restaurant was closed for several months after a fire that caused a lot of smoke damage. Everything in the dining room and kitchen has been replaced, Yepez says, except the tables and chairs (which have sentimental value).

As Chris reported earlier, the single outdated cash register (the source of many a lunchtime backup) has been replaced by computerized point-of-service pay stations that will speed up service. "We want to get you guys in and out in a reasonable time," Yepez says.

Also new is an open grill in the kitchen that allows meats to be prepared in a more authentic al carbon style.

I'm picturing a massive army of La Hacienda zealots descending on the restaurant this weekend. I'm definitely going to give the place a few days to settle down, so if you make it there first, please share on Bites.

La Hacienda is at 2615 Nolensville Road (256-6142).

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