New Menu Rises at Sunset Grill



Kismet happened to lead me to the Sunset Grill last week on the very day that they debuted their new menu. I was with a party of four people, so I forced everyone to try something different so we could plug through more of the menu. Highlights included a salad that isn't named after me, but I wish it was: "Chris' Beets & Heat." Wild baby arugula, shaved fennel, local goat cheese, golden beets, segments of blood orange and candied walnuts are tossed in a wonderfully tangy Tabasco-honey vinaigrette for a salad that rose well above the ordinary. It will make you sweat though, so I'm not sure how well it would pair with a midday glass of wine with lunch. Try the Genesis Riesling if you're feeling froggy.

Other diners at my table raved about the sweet-and-sour smoked duck wrapped in a scallion with blood orange salsa and crème fraîche as well as "Ode to Zola" paella. While the paella didn't quite make it to Deb Paquette's level of brilliance, it was a darned fine attempt and I'm sure Chef Deb would be proud.

Your old favorites like voodoo pasta and the Sunset Caesar remain on the menu, but most of the entrees have turned over. It's worth dropping in and taking a look.

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