Groovin' at Five Guys: More Music/Food Research


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Add to the Chipmunk Christmas anecdote and the mouse olfactory tubercle study this evidence of the strong connection between eating and sound.

That the Five Guys Burgers shop in Green Hills plays the Sirius station called '70s on 7 is a strategy aimed squarely at the hearts and auditory canals of late-Boomer-early-Generation Xers. Not just Earth Wind and Fire, but "Singasong." The ubiquitous "Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra passed over in favor of "Telephone Line." Stevie Wonder, usually represented by "Isn't She Lovely" and "I Wish," gets his due with the stellar "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing." The Isley Brothers' "Atlantis" from Go For Your Guns was a staple of get-lucky mixtapes for a decade.

While the Chipmunk Christmas/Mexican Food experience made Carrington and I want to gnaw off our ears, this music was making another order of fries seem very tempting, both because they were crisp and hot and salty, and because it'd be an excuse to linger a while and listen to the soundtrack of a 1970s adolescence.

Does fantastic restaurant music bring people in the door? Does it slow down the table turnover? Does it raise revenue? Or is it just a fist bump from the management to the customer?


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