Desperately Seeking Sewanee-Loving Vintner



Apparently a chance encounter on Chatroulette left one of the parties wanting more.

Who is the anonymous man in the Sewanee hoodie who said he was a winemaker? That's the question a self-described "brunette girl" who is "sadly" lesser in hotness asks in the following post on the Nashville Craigslist.

Chatroulette - hoodie-wearing winemaker - w4m - 25 (DC)

Date: 2010-03-03, 9:31AM CST

You were wearing a grey Sewanee hoodie, to much comic effect. We were two brunette girls sitting in a green room. One of us was much drunker than the other.

You were funny and sweet and I -- the less hotter of the two girls, sadly -- had a ton of fun talking to you. I would totally make out with you, even though I'm only into chicks. Send us a bottle of wine, or just a Facebook note!

Final question: If she's only into chicks, why does she want to make out with the mysterious Mr. University of the South? As a colleague once remarked, "Everybody's a little bit hetero."

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