Be a Better Barista: Brewing Class at Crema



The fabulous folks at Crema want to share their genius with you and help you become a better coffee maker at home. Rachel Lehman and her staff will be offering a brewing techniques class at 5 p.m. March 13 at the Crema cafe at 15 Hermitage Ave. near the Korean vets' bridge.

The syllabus promises instruction on how to properly grind coffee, water contact time, immersion brewing and how to store your coffee. Four different brewing methods will be covered in depth: Chemex, French Press, Aeropress and something called a Moka Pot. Students will brew the same coffee using each method and discover the similarities and differences in flavor, texture and aftertaste.

The class costs only $10, and every participant will go home with half a pound of coffee to practice with at home. I think it's nice that they have such great appreciation for coffee that they are willing to teach their customers some of their secrets.

As of this weekend, there were still six spots left in the class so call 255-8311 or drop by Crema soon to hold your reservation. Don't plan on falling asleep early that evening.

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