Acorn to Sprout Small Plates Menu


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This week's dining review features the seven-year-old Acorn restaurant on the outskirts of Centennial Park. Chef Andy Hunter delivers a playful and well-executed menu of French-inspired fare that could make for a friendly neighborhood joint, but with dinner for two easily clocking in at $100, Acorn appears to have painted itself into the corner of special-occasion dining.

Keeping in mind the pressure on diners' wallets and menus' prices, Acorn will soon be launching a menu of small plates.

"In response to the economy and in an effort to allow our patrons to sample more of Andy's creations, we're in the process of developing a small plates menu," said owner John Leonard, who now lives in Washington, D.C. "We'll still have many of the favorite items from our current menu, but we are looking forward to the impending change, set to take place in late March or early April."


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