Wishing for Sunnier Days and Cooler Cocktails



During a clear-out of the digital camera, this photo, taken in mid-summer, turned up, buried deep in layers of other shots. Seeing the frosty glass and remembering the cool cocktail and good meal on a hot day, my heart beat an extra beat, as if to say it was warm once, and sunny. And it will be again.

J. Alexander's was the site of this ingenious little cooling innovation. It keeps the teensy carafe of drink cool until you need it, but without watering it down. While February, which is the actual cruelest month if you're not a doom-sayer poet, drags on and on, I plan to dedicate myself to a bar-by-bar search for these little drinks coolers until the first green buds appear, and the daylight lingers at least until dinner time.

I've started a list of places with clever cooling devices. Who else has these, or something equally useful, so I can put it on my "winter libations" list. I figure that with a few excursions to bars, soon enough, or sooner rather than later, spring will be here.

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