If We're Gonna be Fat, We Might as Well Be Notable



I have to admit Man vs. Food on The Travel Channel is a guilty pleasure of mine. Adam Richmond seems to be a likable dude and he does uncover some real dining gems in the cities he visits. Of course, most of the show revolves around eating something bigger than his head or too spicy for human consumption.

In interviews he has mentioned that Nashville is on his list of cities he'd like to visit, and he's already been to Memphis. For a disgustingly entertaining list of "gut-busting" challenges, take a couple Rolaids and visit this website. We don't have any restaurants that I can think of that feature a gastronomic challenge other than Hooters Three Mile Island chicken wings dare on their menu that is no different from any of their other locations across the country. Sure, Prince's Hot Chicken would be a natural option for him, but that's a challenge for anyone who walks in the door.

What else would you suggest he attempt if and when Adam visits the midstate? Think volume and degree of difficulty. It doesn't have to be nasty food, so the 10 bagger of Krystals and six-pack of Schaefer Light in an hour attempt that I made in high school is right out.

Be creative and maybe we can convince Adam to point the gastromobile in our direction.

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