Liberated from The Tyranny of Birthday Cake



Because I'm a thinking-outside-the-box kind of rebel, I question the entire "cake" paradigm for celebrating birthdays. We're giving up "birthday cake" because the idea is stale, the one-size-fits-allness of the treat is so last century, and the execution so uneven.

For two years, we had Maggie Moo Better Batter cakes with chocolate icing. Awesome except for the icing. And last year's Oreo birthday cake with strawberry filling from Publix was very good and beautifull executed, ending our time under the cultural thumb of cake on a high note.

But from now on, something else must take cake's place. Cakeballs. Cupcakes. But these are still cake, and subject to degrading.

It has to be a treat, and symbolic. Other ideas: a make-your-own sundae bar. A candy shop. You all are outside the box, too --- what else can take the place of cake?

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