Bites' Open Thread Is Delicious with Fritos and Sour Cream!



I don't have a dog in the Superbowl fight, and don't really care who wins. I'm just using it as an excuse to buy Fritos and Cheetos. Fritos for scooping chili, Cheetos for enjoying for their own, pure cheesy crunch.

Does anyone really try all those "Superbowl menu" ideas in the cooking magazines? Football-shaped cakes and Pigskin Pizzas and such? I remember on menu with a lentil soup recipe -- lentil soup for company, really? Or do you depend on the tried-and-true chili, Rotel dip and subs?

The post earlier this week about kids and nutrition inspired Whole Foods peppy public affairs person Brittany Conner to throw WF's considerable support behind the effort. She joins the ranks of concerned individuals, companies and parents nationwide, including First Mom. Manna-Food Security Partners have joined the effort, too.

Bacon & Caviar is gladdening hearts in Melrose. So much good stuff happening in that neighborhood, which has waited a long time for an artisanal eatery movement to call its own.

And finally, Heinz redesigned its ketchup packet. Easier to dip, and holds three times more. Not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

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