Ant B's Burgers Make Their Debut



Even if you're a seasoned Trousdale Drive commuter (like we Scenesters are becoming in our new south-side offices), you might not have noticed an intriguing new lunch option.

Ant B's Burgers fills a little retail spot at 4663 Trousdale Drive (315-8846). It's easy to miss, since it adjoins the Marathon gas station. The restaurant's puzzling name, with its shades of Mayberry, is actually a reference to the two owners. "Ant" is Anthony Francis, and "B" is Bryan Robinson.

The two have run a heating-cooling business in the neighborhood for years and saw a new niche selling straightforward but fresh-made lunch delights like sirloin hamburgers and fries. They've been friends for years with the owner of the gas station, Ben Little (whose family has owned the station for decades), so they knew the spot was available for their burger ambitions.

"They're real homemade burgers, what our friends like," says Robinson of the food. In fact, burger variations are named after both owners and their buddies. B's Burger features a double slice of cheese, plus bacon, mayo and mustard. The most unusual version is the Forest Burger, with bacon, mushrooms, steak sauce and bleu cheese.

Other restaurants have come and gone at the address, but Robinson and Francis say they've brightened up the space, cleaning and renovating the little kitchen until it's spotless. They believe there's market to be tapped in the hundreds of workers in neighboring office parks who desire a quick and familiar burger lunch that's a notch above the chains.

Right now hours are lunchtime only: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, but the owners hope to add breakfast soon.

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