Admirable Pricing Restraint Marks YOLOS Menu



The menu at YOLOS, the Green Hills eatery in the spot once occupied by Green Hills Grille, is largely "been there, done that" with a dash of focus-group favorites, as Carrington pointed out in her review three weeks ago. Not that they have a choice -- in that vast and expensive slab of real estate, with a clientele almost entirely of moviegoers, the menu of "upscale casual favorites" writes itself.

The bar at YOLOS
  • The bar at YOLOS
And not that you have a choice, either, in restaurant options if you're coming out of a movie with a mixed group and someone wants a glass of wine. That's how my group ended up there. We really liked the atmosphere -- our comfortable table was quiet and just right for individual conversations or all-table talk. Most found plenty to like among the chicken piccata, salads and baked brie, plus a some reasonably good wine choices. And that's clearly the point.

I went over the menu like a microbiologist, reading every ingredient of every dish for something to order. After a brief flirtation with fish tacos and lettuce wraps, I just opted to drink dinner: French onion soup and a glass of wine. Nothing personal, YOLOS -- Sunday night I'm off-feed sometimes.

But like Carrington, I noticed an unexpected restraint in menu pricing that definitely bucks the trend. On my microtour of the menu, the $19.99 ribeye stood out. A quick calls around town identified the least expensive ribeye in town: Logan's ($17.99). YOLO's is next, followed by Stoney River ($25.99), with prices ranging upward from the to $35 (Mere Bulles) and $37 (Jimmy Kelly).

On behalf of beef eaters in Green Hills, I thank you, YOLOS, for not trying to gouge the customers.

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