Big Night at the Belcourt



As the upcoming Belcourt Wine, Food & Film night demonstrates, all roads lead to Nashville.

Tuesday evening's film offering is Big Night, a terrific 1996 production about a wonderful little 1950s Italian restaurant where the food is prepared with passion. It just needs one special boost that will keep the joint afloat. When an admiring rival says he can get singer Louis Prima to stop by and give the place his celebrity endorsement, the brothers who run it (played by Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub) prepare an extra-special secret recipe of timpano, a many-layered, multi-day production.

Filming Big Night required five timpani. The maker of those was Green Hills resident Diane Bishop, whose modesty has probably prevented her from ever seeing her own IMDB page. She notes that Stanley Tucci's mother's recipe was used, and that a couple of the timpani designated for exterior shots were baked with just pasta inside, while the ones to be cut were baked with all the required layers. She's a phenomenal cook, as you'll see in Big Night's big reveal.

If you feel a tendresse for timpano, here's the recipe according to a cookbook co-authored by Tucci's mom, Joan Tropiano Tucci.

As with the last two Wine Food & Film nights, this one is $25, the food will be provided by Whole Foods, and Hoyt Hill of Village Wines is providing the beverages. The taps open at 5:30 and the film begins at 7. Go to for tickets.

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