Today We Put Wii Remotes and Dolls into a Blender!



If my study is filling up with small appliances, it must be time for a Fine Cooking Test Drive! (Parental guidance warning: Princess Barbies may be harmed later in this post.)

Blendtec blender. Son of Bass-o-matic.
  • Blendtec blender. Son of Bass-o-matic.
I'm testing blenders for a a late summer issue of the magazine. Research reveals that most people use a blender for smoothies, so we're stocking up on frozen strawberries and vanilla yogurt. The next-most-common usage is "icy drinks," meaning cucumber-ginger limeade (and margaritas and daiquiris). Limes and Triple Sec.

Then we'll test the darlings by pureeing cream soups.

But let's face it -- all those tests are hardly worthy of a good blender. And especially a really great blender, and our lineup has some classics: the Oster Beehive, Waring, Blendtec.

It was Blendtec who had this fantastic idea for blending. Dancing Princess Barbies! Glowsticks!

Two Wii remotes! Weezer even got involved!

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