Escape the Horror of Coffee Blowby on the Trail



Since the '80s are now fashionably old-school, will there be a revival of the Sniglets book/movement to name things that didn't previously have names? Unit of toothpaste that will fit on toothbrush = knurdle. Last slice of pizza that no one will claim = pigslice. Tendency of stupid ideas to make more sense when they're coming at you rapidly = Dopeler effect.

The point is that there's no reason for a phenomenon, be it ever so obscure, not to be named. Even the sludge that sometimes slips past the coffee plunger deserves a moniker. After all, it has real consequences: It means there's a risk in taking that last sip of coffee that it will be 10 percent coffee and 90 percent sludge. And now it has a name, given to it by the markets of GSI's camping coffee press: coffee blowby.

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