Snack Tray Has Sweets, Fails and Treats



Over at Nashville Restaurants blog, we get the sad news that Taste of Russia in CoolSprings has closed.  I was looking forward to more blintzes and smoked fish. While you're there, read up on Battle Ground Brewery and see if it doesn't give you a yen for a big, chewy homemade pretzel and a beer.

Ulika captures an editor's heart with Apostrophe Catastrophes and does the unthinkable: sacrifices himself to try Kraft barbecue sauce. Yeah, you can guess the result.

Meanwhile, evilchefmom also does the unthinkable and posts a mediocre recipe. We feelin' you, girl -- that's a lot of work to put into a so-so result.

Erin scores big at Big Lots with organic soba noodles and wasabi peas. I feel you, too, girl -- my last Big Lots haul included hearts of palm.

At A Man's Gotta Eat, Joltin' Django rediscovers Ron's BBQ & Fish in Antioch -- $7 buys enough meat and three for two meals -- and

discovers that Chinese seasoning for roast duck is even better on pork chops.

Lucky Lannae at Lannae's Food and Travel -- she went to City House for New Year's Eve, two years in a row. Did you see the Scene's Dana Kopp Franklin there? She reported a great meal there. Too bad there weren't name tags.

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