Crema Has More Than Just Coffee Artistry



Though they are pretty good at that, too.

My favorite coffee shop in town has also been known to gallery some pretty impressive art in the space next door. That space is now leased out, so now Crema is decorating their own walls with colorful paintings and sculpture.

From Jan. 22 until Feb. 27, Crema will be featuring local husband and wife artists Aaron and Michelle Grayum and their parade of clowns, circus tents and whimsical creatures for their Circus of the Umbrella art show. Each piece features the painting talents of Aaron with the sculpting talents of wife Michelle, all on the same canvases. They look like a lot of fun, and a portion of proceeds from the sales will be contributed to the Wonderful Life Foundation as well as to Haitian relief efforts.

You are invited to an artists' reception at Crema at 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 22. Drop by, enjoy some great coffee, look at some charming artwork and help out a couple of good causes.

Click here for the most detailed directions ever posted on a Nashville restaurant website.

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