Disappearing Kitchen Tools



My mom used to go ballistic when she couldn't find the kitchen shears. They were just too handy for little people to grab when something needed to be snipped. And they were always conveniently located in the same drawer.

My mother-in-law used to complain that her pie servers always went missing. Her theory is that she would take along the pie server with a pie to potluck and someone would notice how useful it was, or, more charitably, assume it was theirs.


Now the Wood family meat fork has similarly disappeared. Not to be found. Dumped out the utensil drawer -- the fork is MIA. A meat fork is like a pipe wrench -- you don't need one often, but when you do, nothing else will get the job done. The upshot is that the giant, greasy country ham has to be turned with hands.

As if to compensate for missing meat forks, though, the bottle openers have reproduced. There were two, and now there are four, along with two corkscrews.

What kitchen gear comes and goes in your kitchen, and is it worse during the holidays?

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